This month we anxiously watched the weather change from 'uncomfortable' to 'almost comfortable' outside. It was a month full of play both indoor and out. The Children's Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, The Lincoln Park Zoo, and lots of different parks in the city. We played everywhere - even the toy aisle at Target! 

Hope you enjoy watching the videos and photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!


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This month I witnessed my first blizzard. They called it the 'Great Blizzard of 2011' and said the last time we got this much snow was 20 years ago, during the blizzard of 1967. Everywhere I went I heard the stories of the famed '67 blizzard. My mother-in-law had to get dug out to give birth. A burn victim is taken in a sled for three days to the hospital. Weeks of being snowed in. In the end we got 20 inches, 1967 beat us by 3 inches. But I must say the city of Chicago was amazing. We ate out the night of the blizzard because some restaurants were open, we got in our car the next day and drove to work and the gym. The streets were plowed. I have no idea what they did with all the snow.

We celebrated Jack's Birthday this month. We decided to hold it at the house and invite all of Jack's classmates as well as his friends from school. Luckily it was President's Day weekend so a lot of people were out of town, otherwise I'm not sure where we would have fit everyone. With over 70 kids and adults, I was almost stepping on kids at every turn. We set up a ball pit in the back with over 800 balls. I imagined kids jumping in but instead it turned into a ball throwing war. I guess that's what happens when you have boys! Jack requested a 'Mater' theme. For those of you without kids, it's a supporting actor in a cartoon movie called 'Car's'. It's very difficult to find memorabilia for a supporting cartoon character but Adam managed to get a huge sheet cake with four 'Mater' tow trucks on top. It cost him almost $200 and I think this year for mother's day I'm asking for a cake decorating class. 


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In Chicago, January is a month for hunkering down. There is a lot of time spent indoors, making up your own fun or just hanging out watching movies. In our video this month we did a combination of that by filming ourselves making our own fun!

We also spent time at the Children's Museum, Explore and Much More and eating out way too much. There is a new Burger Bar dangerously close to our house. 

Both boys battled colds the entire month and it was a lot of sleepless nights but I'm pleased to say it's getting better. A few nights ago I was telling Adam how wonderful it was that no one woke until 5:15 in the morning and how refreshed I felt. Sad when you've let the standard drop so low, isn't it?

Adam's work is starting to pick up a bit and though I'm sad to see he can't spend as much time with us, I'm pleased that the recession isn't going to put him out of a job right now. Funny how the recession effects people. I used to complain bitterly about how much he works but now when I see he's busy it's a relief! 


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